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  • conTEXTLightweight Text Analytics using Linked Data
  • RDFaCERDFa Content Editor
  • SlideWikirevolutionise how educational materials can be authored, shared and reused
  • SlideWiki.euLarge-scale pilots for collaborative OpenCourseWare authoring, multiplatform delivery and Learning Analytics.


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A new season is about to start… ( 2016-07-30T12:19:16+02:00 by Dr. Ali Khalili)

2016-07-30T12:19:16+02:00 by Dr. Ali Khalili

We just came back from Vienna, a trip which I would never forget… right when you are on the edge of disappointment, there is a light which shows off and makes a new appointment…   Read more about "A new season is about to start…"

Yalda in Iran… ( 2016-01-13T22:42:43+01:00 by Dr. Ali Khalili)

2016-01-13T22:42:43+01:00 by Dr. Ali Khalili

First of all, happy new year and best wishes for 2016! Christmas holidays were a great opportunity for me to travel to my home country Iran and enjoy time with family and friends. Read more about "Yalda in Iran…"

Semantic Web + Web Components ( 2015-10-25T18:42:15+01:00 by Dr. Ali Khalili)

2015-10-25T18:42:15+01:00 by Dr. Ali Khalili

+ Bridging the gap between Semantic Web and Web Components worlds brings mutual benefits for both sides. On one hand, Semantic Web technologies provide support for richer component discovery, interoperability, integration, and adaptation on the Web. Read more about "Semantic Web + Web Components"

Love in Fall… ( 2015-10-17T19:19:45+02:00 by Dr. Ali Khalili)

2015-10-17T19:19:45+02:00 by Dr. Ali Khalili

+ Autumn…it is your turn now…to charm us with your irresistible beauty…walking gracefully into the touch of drizzle with the music of the leaves…colors that speak out warmly… +  http://www.janeksedlar. Read more about "Love in Fall…"

The blank node of life… ( 2015-08-15T23:17:50+02:00 by Dr. Ali Khalili)

2015-08-15T23:17:50+02:00 by Dr. Ali Khalili

Sometimes, you feel like there is somewhere a blank node in your life. Something which has no specific name but exists through its properties and effects. It has an identifier but your are not the one who assigns this identifier. Read more about "The blank node of life…"