Dr. Sebastian Tramp

Dr. Sebastian Tramp
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eccenca GmbH
Hainstraße 8, 04109 Leipzig
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I am an AKSW founding member, former head of the Emergent Semantics research group and now associated AKSW member and Head of Development at eccenca GmbH.

I am interested in students who want to work in the Semantic Web in business context.

I provide supervision of bachelor and master thesis, practical work courses as well as student working contracts.

Feel free to drop me a note if you are interested working with me and eccenca GmbH.

My research interests are:

  • Distributed Semantic Social as well as Business Networks
  • Security / trust / privacy in the Semantic Web
  • Basic Web information technologies (Web data integration, personalization techniques, architecture of Web information systems)
  • Semantic Web infrastructure and languages (query, rule and update languages)
  • Semantic Web applications

Current Projects

Past Projects

  • 5. Leipziger Semantic Web Tag (LSWT2013)Von Big Data zu Smart Data
  • aksw.orga linked data driven web page rendered by OntoWiki site extension
  • DSSNtowards a global Distributed Semantic Social Network
  • ErfurtPHP5 / Zend based Semantic Web API for Social Semantic Software
  • KeyNode.jsNext level web presentations
  • LE4SWRegional Technology Platform of Social Semantic Collaboration
  • LOD2Creating Knowledge out of Interlinked Data
  • Mobile Social Semantic Webweaving a distributed, semantic social network for mobile users
  • OntoWikia tool providing support for agile, distributed knowledge engineering scenarios
  • OntoWiki MobileKnowledge Management in your Pocket
  • OntoWiki.euSocial Semantic Collaboration for EKM, E-Learning & E-Tourism
  • RDFAPI-JSUse JavaScript RDFa Widgets for Model/View Separation inside Read/Write Websites
  • RDFauthoris an editing solution for distributed and syndicated structured content on the World Wide Web
  • Semantic LDAPBringing together LDAP and the Semantic Web
  • SoftWikiSemantics- and Community-Based Requirements Engineering
  • Triplifyprovides a building block for the 'semantification' of Web applications
  • XodxA basic DSSN node implementation
  • xOperatorcombines advantages of social network websites with instant messaging



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