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I am a member of the Agile Knowledge Engineering and Semantic Web (AKSW) Research Group, in pursue of a PhD with a focus on Data Quality, DBpedia and Libraries.

In 2012 I started my PhD studies in the area of Semantic Web, funded by the Dutch national library organization (bibliotheek.nl). Part of my duties were to bootstrap, create and maintain the Dutch DBpedia (nl.dbpedia.org) with the aim to become a hub in the local Dutch LOD cloud. Besides DBpedia, my research focused on Linked Data quality. Along my research publications, I created RDFUnit, an innovative R&D framework for Unit-Testing RDF data that was successfully applied and tested on large scale RDF datasets (e.g. DBpedia, LCSH, LGD, Datos) and integrated in service validation stacks (e.g. NLP2RDF, DataID). RDFUnit is a research & work in progress with the aim to improve it's TRL.

I have been heavily involved in DBpedia, where in 2009 bootstrapped and co-lead the DBpedia Internationalization process. This lead in increasing the coverage of the DBpedia extraction framework to many languages and the the creation of the DBpedia internationalization committee. I created and maintained the Greek and Dutch DBpedia chapters. Since 2013 I took over DBpedia Live where I re-wrote and modularized the core live extraction framework. In addition I am one of the lead developers of the DBpedia Extraction Framework and assist in the coordination of the DBpedia (developer) community.

Since 2013 I lead the efforts of applying DBpedia as a GSoC organization and successfully coordinated many students and mentors in completing their projects. Some of the successfully GSoC projects that I mentored myself include the an Error DBpedia browser, the new DBpedia LD interface, Wikidata2DBpedia integration, porting the DBpedia extraction framework to Hadoop / Spark, extracting rich metadata from Wikimedia Commons.

In March 2014, we finally created a legal entity for DBpedia ( DBpedia Association ) where my active role is to coordinate the next technical directions of the project.

In addition, you can see my

Current Projects

  • ALIGNEDAligned, Quality-centric Software and Data Engineering
  • DBpediaQuerying Wikipedia like a Semantic Database
  • DBpediaDQUser-driven quality evaluation of DBpedia
  • DBpediaDQCrowdCrowdsourcing DBpedia Quality Assessment
  • RDFUnitan RDF Unit-Testing suite
  • TripleCheckMateCrowdsourcing the evaluation of Linked Data


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