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  • USU Software AG is the parent company of the USU Group and is listed in the Prime Standard section of the German Stock Exchange. The company was founded in 1977 and offers its customers strategies, consultation, software solutions and services based on an all-encompassing combination of knowledge and experience of corporate processes and applications. USU is Europe's largest supplier of IT and knowledge management solutions in their respective business segments. Their Valuemation series of products gives the company a high quality portfolio with which to support ITIL-based IT and service management. USU use KnowledgeCenter technology alongside their own active knowledge databases to answer over 25 million separate queries to their call and service center every year – all of them handled efficiently and to a high standard. The company's portfolio is complemented by the USU Lifebelt self-service solution and the USU KnowledgeScout interactive advisory system for technical field staff. Additional core skills include process and system integration based on service orientated architectures (SOA). The USU research facility develops industrial Big Data systems designed to continually monitor and analyze sensor data as well as related automated service systems. USU is responsible for the entire coordination and integration of the SAKE project with an additional focus on data processing, user interfaces, usability and use cases.
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