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  • The Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG have already developed an expertise with online monitoring and the analysis of printing machines through their Remote Diagnosis system. Their Remote Services department uses systems specifically designed to check the log files of machines for known errors. They have also developed a prototype system aimed at the early detection of errors. It works by using specific indicators within basic set parameters and emits an advance warning in sufficient time to avoid unplanned machine breakdowns. Considering, however, the size and complexity of future data volumes and the many possibilities offered by Big Data technologies their current methods will at some point no longer be sufficient and it is for this reason that the prototype will continue to be developed within the Web-Based Remote Monitoring project. Automatically generated algorithms (EPN – Event Processing Network) describe the causal connections which use a trigger point (error time) within the log file data of a printing system. Heidelberg have also introduced to the project application-specific cases, printing systems' mass data and expertise in domain-specific data analysis. Verification of the analytic results takes place in pilot markets within the global Heidelberg service organisation.
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