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  • The aim of SAKE is to design, implement and evaluate a platform which will successfully integrate and process large and diverse event data streams with particular emphasis on the requirements of engineering and IT monitoring systems. AviComp Controls are an applications partner of this subproject who supply the specially developed CCM-221 vibration monitoring system for compressor plants. Their most important target technical innovations are (1) the development of an algorithm to provide users with early recognition of aerodynamic instabilities, (2) the early detection of impending maintenance issues, (3) remote access to the CCM-221 in order to carry out long-term data base based measurements and analysis of machine conditions and breakdown prognosis and (4) adjustment and integration to the SAKE platform. In addition to these specific goals AviComp are also actively involved with other working packets within the framework of the subproject. An important aspect of this is the support they provide during the design of user requirements, the design and prototype conversion of the predictive analysis of error descriptions and a user study using real system data.
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