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  • The property umbel:isLike is used to assert an associative link between similar individuals who may or may not be identical, but are believed to be so. This property is not intended as a general expression of similarity, but rather the likely but uncertain same identity of the two resources being related. This property can and should be changed if the certainty of the sameness of identity is subsequently determined. In general, we may not be able to assert that two individuals are the same based solely on current information on hand. However, there may be quite reasonable bases or methods that the two individuals are likely the same without being one hundred percent sure. umbel:isLike has the semantics of likely identity, but where there is some uncertainty that the two resources indeed refer to the exact same individual with the same identity. Such uncertainty can arise when, for example, common names may be used for different individuals (e.g., John Smith). It is appropriate to use this property when there is strong belief the two resources refer to the same individual with the same identity, but that association can not be asserted at the present time with certitude.
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