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  • a SPARQL-SQL rewriter
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  • Key Features

    • A novel syntax for view definitions inspired by SQL's CREATE VIEW statement. We believe this to lower the learning curve for defining RDB-RDF mappings.
    • A query is rewritten into a single SQL statement, giving all control over query planning to the underlying database system.
    • Support of geo-spatial functions: In general, Sparqlify supports mapping custom SPARQL functions to relational ones. Some mappings for PostGIS are already provided (e.g. intersection with polygons).


    Please be aware that Sparqlify is currently in alpha state and the following limitations hold:

    • For the moment, only the PostgreSQL database system is supported.
    • Only a subset of SPARQL 1.0 + Sub-Queries is supported: For instance, the implementation of aggregate functions including COUNT is still pending.
    • Support for Sparql 1.1 property paths is very unlikely in the near future.
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  • Sparqlify is a SPARQL-SQL rewriter that enables one to define RDF views on relational databases and query them with SPARQL. It is currently in alpha state and powers the Linked-Data Interface of the LinkedGeoData Server – i.e. it provides access to billions of virtual triples from the OpenStreetMap database.
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