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  • The RDF DataCube Browser.
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  • In order to hide the complexity of the RDF Data Cube vocabulary from users and to facilitate the browsing and exploration of DataCubes we developed the RDF DataCube browser CubeViz. CubeViz can be divided into two parts, both developed as an extension of OntoWiki:

    1. Faceted data selection component, which queries the structural part of a selected RDF graph containing DataCube resources.
    2. Chart visualization component, which queries observations (selected by the faceted selection component) and visualize them with suitable charts.

    CubeViz renders facets according to the DataCube vocabulary to select data on the first component, using SPARQL as the query language. Currently, the following facets are available:

    1. Selection of a DataCube DataSet
    2. Selection of a DataCube Slice
    3. Selection of a specific measure and attribute (unit) property encoded in the respective DataCube dataset.
    4. Selection of a set of dimension elements that are part of the dimensions encoded in the respective DataCube data set
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  • CubeViz is a facetted browser for statistical data utilizing the RDF Data Cube vocabulary which is the state-of-the-art in representing statistical data in RDF. This vocabulary is compatible with SDMX and increasingly being adopted. Based on the vocabulary and the encoded Data Cube, CubeViz is generating a facetted browsing widget that can be used to filter interactively observations to be visualized in charts. Based on the selected structure, CubeViz offer beneficiary chart types and options which can be selected by users.
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