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Semantic Abstraction

Updates will be posted on my new group’s site: https://www.inf.uni-hamburg.de/sems There will be no publication updates after 2021




  • Since October I am officially the Team Leader Conversational AI at our Fraunhofer branch in Dresden. I focus on growing research excellence and the team as well as on transferring our knowledge to industry and society.
  • We are organizing the KI-Innovationsprojekt SPEAKER - Sprachassistenzplatform Made in Germany. There, I lead the technological and scientific development of semantic natural language understanding and dialogue modules. If you are interested in joining the platform, send me a message.
  • We got the 2nd place at BMW Technologietag project pitch slam, Dingolfing, 2019 “Qualitätsmanagement bei der additiven Fertigung von automobilen Serienbauteilen mittels In-Line-Prozessüberwachung sowie Datenanalyse mit Statistik und neuronalen Netzen” with Martin Jaretzki from Fraunhofer IWU as main idea driver.
  • Since April 1st, 2019 I am the Lead Research Engineer for Conversational AI at Fraunhofer IAIS at its new location in Dresden, Germany!
  • I will start a new position in April 2019, stay tuned :)
  • I gave an interview about the combination of Deep Learning and Knowledge Graphs: SEMANTiCS interview on KG, DL, NLP and QA
  • I am proud to be the Linked Data track chair for the ESWC 2019 as well as the P&D chair for the SEMANTiCS 2019
  • We are among the top-4 teams at the Rich Context Competition


  • We took part in the TREC Incident Stream Challenge 2018 comparing classical ML approaches with a combination of knowledge graph and deep learning.
  • We also took part in the Rich Context Competition 2018 where we use a combination of specially trained CRFs and word embeddings.
  • I am a speaker at the Bibliothekssymposium Wildau. I will be talking about Text Mining in Large Research Data and how to get insights out of it.
  • I joined the scientific advisory board of FID MOVE to steer future mobility research expert systems
  • Check out the demo of our novel DBpedia chatbot
  • For the 4th time, we are continuing the [NLIWOD workshop series including the QALD 9 challenge](https://sites.google.com/site/nliwod4/home “”)
  • We are also organizing the Scalable Question Answering over Linked Data challenge at ESWC 2018


  • We also kicked successfully kicked off our new project on Question Answering for Civil Safety: SOLIDE (08/17 - 06/20)
  • I was invited to speak at the Web Intelligence Summer School 2017 https://wiss.univ-st-etienne.fr/en/programm.html
  • We kicked off our new traffic open data project LIMBO (6/17 - 5/20) https://www.limbo-project.org/
  • I successfully defended my Ph.D. thesis and joined the Data Science group at the University of Paderborn
  • We are organizing also the NLIWOD3 workshop and QALD-8 open challenge
  • We are organizing the QALD-7 challenge



  • [AGDISTIS](http://aksw.org/Projects/AGDISTIS.html “”), our Named Entity Disambiguation Tool won the Best Research Paper Award at the ISWC 2014.
  • We initiated the annual meetup for Question Answering (QA) systems. Contact me for further information! [Read more about our first meeting!](http://blog.aksw.org/2014/highlights-of-the-1st-meetup-on-question-answering-systems-leipzig-november-21st/ “”)
  • Our paper CROCUS: Cluster-based Ontology Data Cleansing.
  • Our submission Cross-Document Coreference Resolution using Latent Features workshop at ISWC 2014 was elected for the Best of Workshop Series.

If you want to write your Bachelor or Master thesis within the Semantic Web area do not hesitate to contact me!

Video Lectures

Web-Scale Extension of RDF Knowledge Bases from Templated Websites - ISWC 2014

Developing a Sustainable Platform for Entity Annotation Benchmarks - ESWC 2015

HAWK – Hybrid Question Answering using Linked Data - ESWC 2015

</br> Designing modern enterprise search systems: the DIESEL case - KESW 2016



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