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Aim of the project is to advance and apply adaptive database and knowledge base techniques as well as user interface techniques to enable large-scale, end-user-driven semantic collaboration in the three application domains Enterprise Knowledge Management, E-Learning and E-Tourism.
Our old website is currently off-line while we are trying recreate it with more modern tech.
B2 d.o.o. (SLO); Carinthia University of Applied Sciences (A); OpenLink Software (GB); Vakantieland (NL)
  • Duration: 2008–2010
  • Funding Programme: FP7-SME
Prof. Dr. Sören Auer

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9 resources Prof. Dr. Jens Lehmann
Jörg Unbehauen
Marvin Frommhold
Dr. Michael Martin
Norman Heino
Philipp Frischmuth
Dr.-Ing. Sebastian Hellmann
Dr. Sebastian Tramp
Prof. Dr. Sören Auer