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The ORE (Ontology Repair and Enrichment) tool allows for the enrichment, repair and validation of OWL based knowledge bases.
Our old website is currently off-line while we are trying recreate it with more modern tech.

Ontology Debugging: ORE uses OWL reasoning to detect inconsistencies and unsatisfiable classes. State-of-the-art methods are then used to detect the most likely sources for the problems. In a simple process, the user can create a repair plan to resolve a problem, while maintaining full control over desired and undesired inferences.

Ontology Enrichment: ORE uses the DL-Learner framework to suggest definitions and super classes for existing classes in the knowledge base. This works if instance data is available and can be used to detect potential problems and harmonise schema and data in the knowledge base.

Lorenz Bühmann

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