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eccenca provides expertise in the field of Enterprise Search, Semantic Web and Linked Data technologies. As business partner in national and European research projects we transform our know-how into sustainable Linked Data enterprise solutions. The product lines of eccenca offer state-of-the-art IT solutions meeting the high standards of knowledge management applications in enterprises. Using Linked Data technologies eccenca Linked Data Suite (eLDS) and eccenca Enterprise Search Suite (eESS) provide powerful tools to support the integration of various data resources and to significantly improve reporting, searching and publishing options in enterprise information systems.


Project Collaboration


conTEXT allows to semantically analyze text corpora (such as blogs, RSS/Atom feeds, Twitter or decks) and to visualize the results. Read more about conTEXT


Comprises the API underneath OntoWiki, which can be used to build sophisticated Semantic Web applications Read more about Erfurt


The Facete project is comprised of a JavaScript library for faceted browsing of RDF data and (at the moment) an application for browsing geo-related RDF data. The application thereby offers filtering by facets, pivoting, and display of the data on a map. Read more about Facete


The SCRS for Rare Diseases project is a generic framework to set up a clinical registry which takes advantage of semantic web technologies. Patient's data will be stored graph based as RDF triples in a triplestore. Read more about SCRS


SparqlMap allows the execution of a SPARQL query fully inside a relational database and does not require dumping the data first. The translation is a light weight process with low requirements on processing power. The mapping of the relational database is expressed using R2RML, the mapping language being currently standardized by a W3C working group. Read more about SparqlMap


Xturtle is turtle editor solution based on eclipse / Xtext2. It features syntax highlighting, code completion (resource qnames, datatypes, language tags, literals, prefixe and namespaces URIs from, templates, syntax validation, internal linking to descriptions, preview of resources, navigation in outline and quick outline, folding (prefixes, subject blocks, multiline literals) and multiple customization options including syntax highlighting. Read more about Xturtle


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