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Knowledge Integration and Linked Data Technologies


Johannes studied computer science at Leipzig University with focus on database technologies, computer networks & distributed systems and Semantic Web. During his bachelors he worked as a student assistant at the business information systems department for the “Leipzig Data” project and developed PHP-based semantic solutions for publishing and visualizing RDF data. In his bachelor thesis he created a WordPress plugin for the humanities to author, manage, publish and visualize RDF data within WordPress. In the beginning of 2015 he joined the Knowledge Integration and Linked Data Technologies competence center (KILT) of the Institute of Applied Informatics (InfAI) as graduate assistant. Within this work he supported the creation of an open industry knowledge graph in the “Smart Data Web” research project. In his master thesis he evaluated and benchmarked metadata representation models in RDF stores and wrote Java-based tools for flexible metadata storage and querying.

Since August 2017 he is employed as research assistant of Leipzig University in the KILT group.

His primary research interests in the scope of the Semantic Web are:

  • Data integration & knowledge fusion
  • Metadata(management) in knowledge graphs
  • RDF store benchmarking
  • Scalable & distributed data processing architectures

Reviews & PC Memberships

  • reviewer for ISWC 2016 Poster & Demo
  • reviewer for ICWE 2017
  • reviewer for EACL 2017
  • reviewer for ESWC 2017
  • PC member of Poster & Demo track of Semantics 2017


  • Best Poster at Semantics 2017: “MaSQue: An Approach for Flexible Metadata Storage and Querying in RDF”

    Workshops & Talks

  • Talk about knowledge fusion and id management for DBpedia in “Interlinking and Metadata” Session of semantics17 workshop “A Reliable Linked Data ecosystem for media”


  • practical course of software engineering lecture 2016
  • practical course of software engineering lecture 2017



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