OntoWiki: a tool providing support for agile, distributed knowledge engineering scenarios

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OntoWiki facilitates the visual presentation of a knowledge base as an information map, with different views on instance data. It enables intuitive authoring of semantic content, with an inline editing mode for editing RDF content, similar to WYSIWIG for text documents.

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reverted my last 4 commits which were intented to be published at my own fork and not the main OntoWiki repository. ( 2015-01-14T17:34:14+01:00 by Konrad Höffner)

2015-01-14T17:34:14+01:00 by Konrad Höffner

added page extension content ( 2015-01-14T13:06:45+01:00 by Konrad Höffner)

2015-01-14T13:06:45+01:00 by Konrad Höffner

added custom blue white theme ( 2015-01-14T13:00:16+01:00 by Konrad Höffner)

2015-01-14T13:00:16+01:00 by Konrad Höffner

added gz and zip to .htaccess ( 2015-01-14T12:59:32+01:00 by Konrad Höffner)

2015-01-14T12:59:32+01:00 by Konrad Höffner

enabled owconfig and corrected model ( 2015-01-14T12:59:08+01:00 by Konrad Höffner)

2015-01-14T12:59:08+01:00 by Konrad Höffner