OntoWiki: a tool providing support for agile, distributed knowledge engineering scenarios

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OntoWiki facilitates the visual presentation of a knowledge base as an information map, with different views on instance data. It enables intuitive authoring of semantic content, with an inline editing mode for editing RDF content, similar to WYSIWIG for text documents.

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Complete license and copyright information in doc blocks. ( 2014-08-01T15:12:59+02:00 kriss0r)

2014-08-01T15:12:59+02:00 kriss0r

Complete license and copyright information in doc blocks. ( 2014-08-01T15:09:22+02:00 kriss0r)

2014-08-01T15:09:22+02:00 kriss0r

Do an additional check if triples is existant ( 2014-07-31T14:42:20+02:00 by Andreas Nareike)

2014-07-31T14:42:20+02:00 by Andreas Nareike

add json-support for registrationAction ( 2014-07-19T14:27:43+02:00 hknochi)

2014-07-19T14:27:43+02:00 hknochi

additional fixes while firing onRegisterUser and onRegisterUserFailed event ( 2014-07-18T11:01:46+02:00 hknochi)

2014-07-18T11:01:46+02:00 hknochi