DL-Learner: a tool for supervised Machine Learning in OWL and Description Logics

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DL-Learner is a tool for learning concepts in Description Logics (DLs) from user-provided examples. Equivalently, it can be used to learn classes in OWL ontologies from selected objects. The goal of DL-Learner is to support knowledge engineers in constructing knowledge and learning about the data they created.

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DL-Learner 1.0 (Supervised Structured Machine Learning Framework) Released ( 2015-02-13T10:38:26+01:00 by Dr. Jens Lehmann)

2015-02-13T10:38:26+01:00 by Dr. Jens Lehmann

Dear all, we are happy to announce DL-Learner 1.0. DL-Learner is a framework containing algorithms for supervised machine learning in RDF and OWL. Read more about "DL-Learner 1.0 (Supervised Structured Machine Learning Framework) Released"

Kick-Off for the BMWi project SAKE ( 2015-02-03T11:39:22+01:00 admin)

2015-02-03T11:39:22+01:00 admin

Hi all! One of AKSW’s Big Data Project, SAKE – Semantische Analyse Komplexer Ereignisse (SAKE – Semantic Analysis of Complex Events) kicked-off in Karlsruhe. Read more about "Kick-Off for the BMWi project SAKE"

AKSW successful at #ISWC2014 ( 2014-10-28T17:03:42+01:00 admin)

2014-10-28T17:03:42+01:00 admin

Dear followers, 9 members of AKSW have been participating at the 13th International Semantic Web Conference (ISWC) at Riva del Garda, Italy. Read more about "AKSW successful at #ISWC2014"

AKSW successful at ESWC 2014 ( 2014-06-03T16:20:48+02:00 admin)

2014-06-03T16:20:48+02:00 admin

Greetings! After a week full of exciting presentations, demos, posters and especially keynotes AKSW members are back from the 11th Extended Semantic Web Conference 2014 (ESWC). Furthermore, we bring happy news with us. AKSW members won four prizes this year! Read more about "AKSW successful at ESWC 2014"

LOD2 STACK USABILITY SURVEY STARTED ( 2013-04-16T13:06:40+02:00 by Sandra Prätor)

2013-04-16T13:06:40+02:00 by Sandra Prätor

In the recent years the LOD2 stack established a collection of applications developed in the context of the LOD2 project, presented as an unified environment. These applications are referred to as components although they can also be installed independently. Read more about "LOD2 STACK USABILITY SURVEY STARTED"